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Nirmatrelvir (150mg) + Ritonavir (100mg)


Paxzen Tablet is intended to treat mild-to-moderate coronavirus disease(C-19) in adults and children aged 12 years and older weighing at least 40 kg with a positive C-19 test and at risk of progression to severe disease. It reduces the ability of the coronavirus to multiply in the body.

Paxzen Tablet works by stopping the virus from making copies of itself from being effective, it needs to be started within five days of developing C-19 symptoms. It is meant for oral intake regardless of the meals. Stick to the dose and duration as prescribed by the doctor. Do not withdraw it abruptly, even if the symptoms improve within the initial few days of the ingestion, and report if it worsens after five days. Complete the medicine course as prescribed. Never self-medicate at home based on symptoms without a confirmatory covid-19 test and the doctor’s prescription.

Some transient side-effects of Paxzen Tablet include dysgeusia (altered taste), diarrhea, hypertension, myalgia (muscle pain), and vomiting. Consult the doctor right away in case of worrisome episodes.

Inform the doctor about your complete medical history, including the use of concomitant medicines, allergies, pregnancy, history of liver disease including hepatitis C, immunocompromised conditions such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV), nursing, surgery, neurological, cardiovascular,  or any other underlying medical condition. This will help the doctor formulate the treatment plan in a better way.

Tell the doctor if using combined hormonal contraceptives such as Paxzen Tablet may affect how the birth control pills work. Females with reproductive potential should practice other effective alternative contraceptive methods. Discuss with the doctor the use of the right contraceptive methods while taking this medication. Additionally, if taking ritonavir-containing medicines for hepatitis C, or HIV, continue taking Paxzen Tablets as prescribed.

Paxlovid Tablet

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